No more controls at air and sea borders with Romania and Bulgaria

Contributor(s): Laura Imiola
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    The EU will welcome Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area, the largest area of free movement in the world.

    The European Commission announced that it will remove border checks for air and sea travel between Bulgaria and Romania starting in March 2024. This decision reflects the progress made by both countries in meeting EU standards for border management and security.

    By lifting these checks, the EU aims to promote economic growth, tourism, and cultural exchange among member states. This move not only simplifies travel logistics for citizens but also encourages greater collaboration and cooperation across borders.

    Furthermore, the decision reflects the European Union’s confidence in Bulgaria and Romania’s ability to uphold the principles of the Schengen Agreement and ensure the security of the external borders. Both countries have made significant investments in border management infrastructure and have undertaken comprehensive reforms to align their practices with EU standards.

    It’s worth noting that while systematic border checks will be lifted, authorities will retain the ability to conduct targeted checks based on security concerns or specific risk assessments. This measure aims to strike a balance between facilitating smooth travel and ensuring the safety and security of EU citizens.

    The lifting of border checks at air and sea borders for Bulgaria and Romania marks a milestone in the journey towards a more integrated and cohesive European Union. It underscores the shared commitment of member states to uphold the values of freedom of movement, while also reinforcing the importance of effective border management and security cooperation.

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    Table of Contents
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