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Europe Immigration Services

Eres Legal combines the best local immigration knowledge and practice with pan-European coverage and effective, integrated case management. Intra-European mobility is challenging, particularly in the post-Brexit era and given the increased focus on Posted Worker compliance. We are your single source for regional European legal migration services with a flexible, customer-centric approach and at a competitive price point.

With our state-of-the-art case management system LEXI, we facilitate easy, quick and secure cooperation with both HR and the transferee. 


Immigration Case Work

As a corporate immigration law firm, Eres Legal takes care of the complete, end-to-end immigration process for you, including arranging all home country documents and consular processing as well as post-arrival registrations


Legalisations & Document Conditioning

Immigration applications require several supporting documents which often have to be obtained
anew from the relevant authorities…



We provide more than “just” immigration case work.  We also offer full compliance packages, for example, for EU nationals moving within the EU.

For your company to achieve global immigration compliance, you must understand your obligations in terms of  record keeping, renewal…


Corporate Services

Our corporate immigration attorneys can help you obtain and maintain the necessary corporate sponsorship registrations for you to be able to move foreign national workers all over the world. 

About us

The Europe Immigration People

At Eres Legal, we have broken the mould for European Corporate Immigration services.  We set out to combine great local expertise with excellent communication and outstanding customer service in every country in Europe.

It has been an exciting journey and we are very proud of the results: expertly managed, easy to follow immigration compliance for your Europe-bound employees.

Moving to a new country should be exciting; it should be fun.  At Eres Legal we won’t let immigration rules spoil all the fun of moving. 


What Clients Are Saying

“I am very much happy and satisfied with ERES. They helped me in every stage of documents processing and getting my visa on time. I really appreciate the efforts and support given to me. From my point of view, (the immigration service) is already perfect.

They are already doing the best in the industry, not only from a knowledge point of view but from the service as well. I really appreciate the efforts and time you are putting in for each case. Thank you so much and wish you all the very best!”

“It was such an amazing and efficient service. I have no words to describe your professionalism, effectiveness, and customer service. Standing ovation for your whole team. Honestly, it was completely flawless.”

“I'm very happy with the services provided by ERES regarding my visa application, you are very professional, responsive, always explain to me the process, help me to clarify my doubts, give me clear timelines, instructions and request, always doing follow up on my visa application.

Just keep doing an excellent job”

“I would like to express my gratitude for your organization; it was a smooth and simple process to arrange for the application and picking up the permit in a short period! In addition, the team was replying to me ASAP and calling when necessary, which was appreciated!”

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