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Eres Legal combines the best local immigration knowledge and practice with pan-European coverage and effective, integrated case management.

Our legal immigration services combine the best local professional immigration knowledge and practice with pan-European  coverage and effective, integrated case management.

Intra-European mobility is challenging, especially assisting with our worldwide immigration services in the post-Brexit era and given the increased focus on Posted Worker compliance. We are your single source for regional European legal immigration services with a flexible, customer-centric approach and at a competitive price point.

With our state-of-the-art case management system LEXI, we facilitate easy your professional immigration, quick and secure cooperation with both HR and the transferee

Our legal immigration services


Immigration Case Work

Eres Legal takes care of the complete, end-to-end immigration process for you, including arranging all home country documents and consular processing as well as post-arrival registrations, accompanying the employee where required, and notifications, including posted worker declarations. 

We are European immigration specialists, but we have a fully vetted network all over the world and can provide worldwide immigration services to assist you with moves to the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific too.

We think quickly and we communicate well, so when you engage Eres Legal, you can be sure that we will get things moving for you, fast.

  • Work authorisations
  • Residence authorisations
  • Renewal of work and residence authorisations
  • Residence permits for family members of EU/EEA nationals
  • Intra-EU mobility for third country nationals
  • Visas and permits for short term or rotational work
  • Consular assistance
  • Post-arrival registrations, re-entry permits, notifications
  • Posted worker declarations/notifications
  • Corporate level applications


Legalisations and Document Conditioning

Immigration applications require several supporting documents which often have to be obtained anew from the relevant authorities and then translated, legalised or apostilled.  This lengthy process, which varies significantly depending on the home country, can delay the entire move if it is not completed in good time.  Conversely, if the documents are obtained too early, they can go out of date before they’re needed.  Our professional immigration services can help. We will assist your employees with obtaining the necessary supporting documentation, at the right time, and we will arrange the legalisations or apostilles, plus translations. 

  • Criminal record certificates (a.k.a. “police clearances”)
  • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates
  • Educational certificates
  • Certified copies
  • Sworn Translations


Immigration Policy and Compliance

We provide more than “just” immigration case work.  We also offer full compliance packages, for example, for EU nationals moving within the EU.  These packages include all expat immigration services you may require, from social security registration through to town hall registrations, tax numbers, medical registrations and more. Plus, we offer fixed, transparent and simple fees for these worlwide immigration service.  Contact us to find out exactly what’s needed for each jurisdiction.

For your company to achieve global immigration compliance, you must understand your obligations in terms of record keeping, renewal applications, and declarations to the relevant authorities.  We can explain and help you communicate this to your organisation.

We will keep track of all your expiry dates and remind you in good time so that your employees never overstay.  We will explain clearly to you what responsibilities you have regarding record keeping, and we can come and audit your records to make sure you’re in compliance. 

Our legal immigration services also include full support with Posted Worker Declarations/Notifications, including record keeping, representative duties and reporting responsibilities.

  • Posted worker declarations/notifications
  • Record keeping obligations
  • Expiry reminders
  • Policy drafting


Corporate Services

We can help you obtain and maintain the necessary corporate sponsorship registrations for you to be able to move foreign national workers all over the world. 

For your programme to succeed, you need to have access to a deep understanding of how immigration rules work across multiple jurisdictions, plus how changing legislation can affect your programme.  Our professional immigration services also provides regular news updates, tips and in-depth thought leadership articles.

We can also guide you when comparing legislation in different jurisdictions. We combine in-depth immigration expertise with extensive practical experience and a real desire to help.


Our focus and priority are always on the people we serve, so our technology is designed to make it easy, fast, and safe to work together with our clients and partners. Our case management system LEXI will accompany you and your employee before, during, and after the immigration process.

Meet Lexi

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Being able to securely share personal documents is crucial. LEXI offers the option to upload and download documents needed for the immigration process. LEXI is protected, reliable, and adheres to industry standard security procedures.

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Our HR Portal

The LEXI HR Portal facilitates the initiating of new transfers from anywhere to anywhere, centrally. HR can also follow the progress of an immigration case at anytime by logging in securely.

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Our Transferee App

The LEXI fully featured Transferee App allows for easy and secure access to the transferee profile and documents on any mobile phone or tablet.

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What Clients Are Saying

“The most effective resolution of any issues during the process. I couldn't find negative points (to share in this feedback) during my entire citizenship process. The services level is very good.”

“Thank you for helping me through a very stressful time! My immigration consultant always had the answers I needed and went out of her way to find out when you didn't. Anyone making the move to Europe would be very lucky to have her as their Immigration lawyer. Everything was useful - service is amazing, nothing I would improve.”

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