Immigration Updates – 12th of May

Contributor(s): Daniel King
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    The Russian government has restored visa-free travel for stays of up to 90 days for nationals of Georgia. It has also lifted its ban on direct flights between the two countries.

    The visa requirement was imposed in 2000 and the flight ban implemented in 2019. Georgia permits visa-free entry for Russian nationals, as well as the right to work, for up to one year.

    Russia’s transport ministry announced that Russian airline would operate seven flights per week between Moscow and Tbilisi.


    According to reports, the Spanish government is considering either an increase in the minimum investment required for the Golden Visa Program, or the abolition of the scheme.

    The Mas Pais party has proposed cancelling the scheme, which allows non-EU nationals to obtain residency in Spain with an investment of at least EUR 500,000.

    In 2022, the European Commission appealed to Member States to stop selling citizenship and residence to investors, as it considers them a risk to security.

    The UK scrapped its Tier 1 Investor Visa in 2022 in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In February 2023, Ireland cancelled its golden visa scheme and Portugal announced a plan to close its scheme.

    Italy and Greece both still maintain residency-by-investment schemes.


    The Swedish government has proposed an increase in the salary requirement for work permit holders.

    According to the proposal, foreign workers will be required to have a salary of at least 80% of the median salary. This translates to a maintenance requirement of SEK 26,560 per month (currently approximately GBP 2000 or USD 2600).

    The regulation amendment is proposed to enter into force on 1 October 2023.

    Table of Contents
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