The Complete Guide to Applying for ETIAS: New Visa for Travelling to Europe

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    The rules of travel to Europe have changed. Starting from 2024, all visitors from nations that do not require a visa to travel to the European Union will be required to apply for a European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) visa waiver. This new security measure will help to ensure the safety of Europe while allowing a smooth, hassle-free travel experience for visitors. We will delve deeper into understanding what ETIAS is, who needs it, how to apply, what documents are required, and how it will impact business travel.

    ETIAS: the new security measure will help to ensure the safety of Europe

    What is ETIAS?

    The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is a new electronic system that will be implemented in 2024 to control the entry of visitors from visa-exempt countries to the Schengen Zone. The ETIAS is not a visa, but it is a pre-screening process that will confirm the eligibility of a visitor to enter the European Union. The system will assess the security risks of each applicant and determine as to whether or not they are authorized to enter. This new system will help to identify potential security threats before they enter Europe.

    Countries that require ETIAS

    Currently, there are 62 countries in the world that do not require a visa to travel to the Schengen Zone, but this is going to change. From 2024, visitors from these countries will need to apply for ETIAS if they plan to visit any of the 26 member nations. Some of the countries that require ETIAS include the United States, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and others. ETIAS will be mandatory for all visitors from these countries, regardless of the purpose of the visit.

    If you are originally from one of the countries mentioned and have plans to visit any of the 30 European countries mentioned above for a short-term stay, you will need to obtain a travel authorization known as ETIAS.

    It is important to mention that there are specific travel documentation requirements for citizens of certain visa-exempt countries, so we recommend checking if this applies to your particular situation.

    Countries that require ETIAS

    What is the Purpose Behind the Implementation of ETIAS?

    A total of 63 nations currently enjoy visa-free access to European Union countries, including those in the Schengen Area. However, despite the existing rule of a maximum stay of 90 days within a six-month period, numerous individuals have been flouting these regulations by extending their time in Europe. To tackle this issue, the ETIAS initiative has been introduced, with the primary objective of barring individuals with criminal records and other undesirable elements from entering European nations and overstaying their welcome.

    The implementation of ETIAS serves several crucial purposes:

    1. Conducting advanced screenings: By enabling pre-travel checks, ETIAS ensures that potential risks can be identified beforehand.
    2. Denying travel authorization if necessary: ETIAS has the authority to refuse entry to visa-exempt third-country nationals who intend to travel to the Schengen area.
    3. Enhancing internal security: ETIAS plays a vital role in strengthening Europe’s internal security measures.
    4. Combating illegal immigration: ETIAS serves as a deterrent against illegal immigration by keeping a close watch on individuals entering the European countries.
    5. Mitigating public health risks: The implementation of ETIAS helps limit public health risks by screening individuals before they arrive at the external borders.
    6. Reducing border delays: By identifying individuals who may pose a risk in any of these areas prior to their arrival at the borders, ETIAS aims to minimize delays and streamline border control processes.

    How can a company like ERES LEGAL help you in the process of obtaining the ETIAS?

    In case we need to get the ETIAS permit, we must take into account some requirements, documentation and personal information that you must have prepared. This process can be somewhat complex, even taking a few weeks when some kind of problem arises. Eres Legal can help you manage and accelerate this process from the beginning and be able to obtain it in a few days:

    Advice and guidance: We can provide you with detailed information about the requirements needed to obtain the ETIAS document, as well as the deadlines and costs associated with the process. We can also guide you on the documents you need to submit and how to correctly complete the application form. All clear and easy!

    Application management: On the other hand, we can take care of the complete management of the ETIAS application on your behalf, which means you won’t have to worry about filling out the form, tracking the process, or correcting errors in case there are any problems. We take care of the whole process for you.

    Follow-up and updating: Once the application has been submitted, we will follow up on the process and keep you informed about any updates or changes in the status of the application. This will allow you to be aware of any problems or delays in the process, where we will take the necessary measures to solve them.

    Assistance in case of problems: If any problems arise during the process of obtaining the ETIAS document, we will provide you with assistance and support to resolve it quickly and efficiently. 

    ETIAS for Business Travel

    Once the ETIAS is approved, business travellers will be able to enter the European Union countries and stay for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month period. It is important to note that the ETIAS is not a work permit or visa, and it does not grant the right to work in Europe. If the purpose of the trip involves engaging in employment or providing services, additional permits or visas may be required. When applying for ETIAS for business travel, it is recommended to provide supporting documents that demonstrate the purpose of the trip. This may include an invitation letter from the host company or organization, proof of conference or event registration, business contracts or agreements, and any other relevant documentation. Business travellers should also be aware of the specific requirements and regulations of the country they plan to visit. Some countries may have additional entry requirements or restrictions for business travellers, such as the need to obtain a separate work permit or register with local authorities.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ETIAS

    How long is an ETIAS travel authorization valid for?

    If approved, the ETIAS travel authorization could be valid for 3 years or until your passport expires. Whether you obtain authorization for one or two periods depends on how the system assesses your information and level of risk.

    What if my ETIAS travel authorization application has been denied?

    A few moments after submitting your application, you will get information about the status of your ETIAS travel authorization. If approved, congratulations! If not, you will receive a message stating that the request was rejected. That message will explain why your ETIAS travel authorization was not approved. If you disagree with this decision or the reason for the denial, you have the option to appeal the decision and, if you wish, adjust your request and make another attempt.

    Can I access any EU country with the ETIAS travel authorization?

    With the propose of using the ETIAS travel authorization, you will first need to go through the first country you indicated in your application. Once you have entered the first country, you can visit any other country within the Schengen area for 90 days.


    In summary, ETIAS is a new visa waiver program that will be implemented in Europe from next year. The aim of the program is to ensure the safety and security of Europe while welcoming visitors without unnecessary restrictions.

    If you are planning to visit Europe, it is important to understand and apply for ETIAS. For any assistance, question, or issue, we remind you that at ERES LEGAL, we are experts and can help you obtain this document in the most efficient way.

    Table of Contents
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