Top Cities for Business 2023: Best European Cities for Business

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    In business, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Certain locations can provide particular benefits that can immensely help your business. Some governments in cities provide unique benefits to businesses. And that can be very helpful, especially if you are a startup. Also, many urban areas could have incentives as well.

    Therefore, this guide will cover the best European cities for business and what sort of benefits they provide. So, stick around till the end before selecting the next location for your business.


    The 6 Best European Cities for Business in 2023

    If you are relocating your business, then Europe might be precisely what you have been searching for. The reasons for relocating could be many. Or it could be just expansion. That’s why we curated the 6 best EU cities perfect for business.

    • Barcelona, Spain

    Our first pick is Barcelona. This Spanish city is bustling with life, and commerce is everywhere. Moreover, the local reputation of businesses is also outstanding. People live a healthy lifestyle, and office spaces are available.

    The last bit is essential. You do not want to relocate to a business with expensive office space. Or, worst, little office space. The commute will not be that difficult either. The high quality of life means that employees will be happy too!

    If you are a startup, you should look at Barcelona. It is Europe’s ‘startup city.’ The tech startup magnet is packed with all the facilities you need to succeed in the fast startup world.

    • Zurich, Switzerland

    Want to combine beauty with business? Then Zurich, Switzerland, should be your next place. The city is charming. It is full of greenery and has a rich art scene. The business scene is fantastic too.

    Zurich has a business-friendly environment that takes away many business challenges. That is thanks to the available, talented workforce, capital, and infrastructure. An excellent thing about Zurich is the location.

    It is almost at the center of Europe. You can travel to major business spots like Milan or Munich relatively easily.

    • Milan, Italy

    Companies in Milan can hire from a pool of young talent. The city has many prestigious universities. Moreover, it has a robust eCommerce and technology scene. So, if you are a fashion brand or a technology company, Milan can be a great place to set up shop.

    It is not all work and no play in Milan, though. The city has excellent cuisine and nightlife. And how can we forget the prosperous fashion industry in Milan? Milan is hands down one of the best European cities for business.

    • Budapest, Hungary

    Brexit had an impact all across Europe. Considering all the major events, Budapest in Hungary is an excellent place if you want to launch a new business. This city has very little corporate tax.

    Budapest’s corporate tax is only 9%, much lower than in the UK. The living costs are relatively low too. So, employees can also save some money on that. However, Budapest would be best for product companies.

    Exporting from Budapest is free! Yes, you read that right. Moreover, the legal aspects do not take long, thanks to the streamlined process.

    • London, UK

    London is one of the fastest-growing EU cities and one of its most prominent financial hubs. Nobody needs an introduction to London. It is a bustling city with all the needs a business might need. London is a fantastic choice whether you are a startup or an established business looking to relocate or expand.

    It has plenty of available office spaces and excellent transport, and the government is known to create business opportunities.

    The one downside, however, is the cost of hiring. The workforce is not cheap in the UK. So, that is something you should consider if you want to open a London branch or relocate your business.

    • Hamburg, Germany

    Our last pick is Hamburg. Hamburg should be on your radar if you ask yourself where to work in Europe and establish a business. It is the second most startup-dense city in Germany.

    Moreover, the government provides plenty of resources for the business scene in Hamburg. A top company like Google also set up their German headquarters here. Talent will not be a problem, either. Hamburg has a very good education system.


    Make Relocation Painless with Eres Legal

    Finding a suitable city is not the hard part. The relocation and immigration process is. That is why Eres Legal provides businesses with seamless relocation services and immigration consultancy.

    So, when you relocate, it can be seamless and easy. We are the European immigration people. Our advisors are experts in local immigration law and pan-European practices. With us, your relocation will be as smooth as it can get. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help the process.


    Wrapping Up

    These are our top picks for the best European cities for business. However, the city you choose should depend on the type of business you are in. Your business model, capital, and specific needs will also play a factor.

    Whichever city is right for you, we at Eres Legal can help you with any relocation and immigration process.

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